Elliot Harrison

Actor / Designer

Elliot has used his extensive design skills and creativity to produce media that matches the high standard we put on the stage. Having been around theatre his entire life Elliot played Jack in ‘Chatroom’. Elliot continues to take the lead in Raw Alchemy’s marketing with current projects.

Carli Green


Currently studying at Rose Bruford after training with the National Youth Theatre, Carli has repeatedly proved to be an instrumental member of every company he has been involved in. Carli endlessly impacted audience’s playing William in ‘Chatroom’. He now is the Co-writer of ‘Then There’s Us’.

Aimee Cook


LAMDA Foundation graduate, Aimee has connected completely to a number of different characters with an ability to hold audiences in the palm of her hand. This was proven when Aimee played Laura in ‘Chatroom’.

Leah Ash


Having graduated college, Leah has the ability to excel in every aspect of performance and connect with audiences on new levels, finding the deeper meaning in all her roles. Leah played Emily in ‘Chatroom’.

Ethan Hughes


Currently studying at LAMDA. Ethan has proved to be a unique talent in every cast he’s in. With an eye on his future career, he makes sure every performance he gives is one to be remembered. Ethan played Jim in ‘Chatroom’ and the role of Jacob in the ‘Then There’s Us’.

Stephen Moyse


After graduating college Stephen went off to study acting at ALRA before moving to Bath Spa University to continue his studies. Stephen directed the our production of ‘Chatroom’ and also co-wrote and directed our show ‘Then There’s Us’.

Alex Curry


Harry Reed


Jaz Katussy

Singer / Songwriter

Raw Alchemy Theatre COmpany logo

Gareth Morgan

Lightening Designer