During Raw Alchemy’s run of Chatroom throughout 2018, one of the offers made to schools along with the performance was a Q+A, followed by a workshop. This was designed at giving the students a deeper understanding into the themes of the piece and the practical process that went into the creation of the play. Helping them as they move towards their GCSE’s in which many of them were studying ‘Chatroom’.

Having had a number of years running workshops at different levels and in different institutions, Raw Alchemy founders and members can offer workshops specifically tailored to you and your requirements. Whether that be a school looking for a practical exploration of generally theory based work, a theatre group looking for outside input or an organisation with no direct link to drama, Raw Alchemy can offer a workshop designed to give participants a new outlook on the topic.

The length and the theme of the workshop can be specifically tailored to you and your members, ensuring the participants and group leaders are all completely satisfied with the end product.

For more information, or if you are interested in our workshops, please follow the link below and get in contact with us now.